Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pulp/Horror Menagerie

I have a new 28mm WWII Polish Campaign project I’m starting and I needed to clean off my workspace. This group of “stuff” has been sitting around partially finished, so I spent some time completing it. There are some pre-paints in here – some I repainted, some I lacked the motivation to update, so those were just rebased.

Warlord Anti-Tank Obstacles

A few years ago my friend John asked me to be his ringer – a back up player in case of an odd number of participants – for a Bolt Action tournament he was running at either Fall In or Cold Wars…I don’t remember. Anyway I ended up playing and for my participation I was given this very cool Warlord Anti-Tank Obstacles box. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I finally finished it up. The Dragon’s Teeth are mounted on 40mm squares to make them “modular”.


The Torch and the Blade – Malifaux Box Set

A few months ago I played my first game of Malifaux and enjoyed it enough to pick up a box set. I decided to go with the Guild as my faction as they seem to fit my playing style, and Sonia Criid as my master based purely on the models in her box set. I really enjoyed these plastics. They went together without issue and painted up well.

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