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VSF Minis

A few quick paint jobs for IHMN. Miniatures are from Eureka, Reaper, and Foundry.

Objective Markers – Part Deux

After my experience with making objective markers as give-aways for a tournament, I decided to make some for my own use. Most of the pieces came out of the parts bin, with the field desk begin from eBob Miniatures and the tarp over the fuel drum being fashioned from Kleenex and diluted white glue.

4Ground Victorian Police Station

To help round out my VSF/Pulp terrain, I ordered 4Ground’s Victorian Police Station from my FLGS. It’s a really great piece that I’m glad to have, but the assembly was labor intensive. The amount of typos and missing steps in the instructions exacerbated the process for sure. Love their products and will undoubtedly continue to support them, but perhaps a technical editor is in order.

IHMN Miniatures

I finished some miniatures to use for In Her Majesty’s Name. Figures are from Eureka, Hydra, Reaper, Vesper-on and Wyrd.

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