Monthly Archives: April 2014

Bag the Hun Cards

With the spring house work, back-to-back house guests, and now an immobile leg from tendonitis surgery, I have spent very little time at the work bench. However, as I now have to keep my leg elevated as much as possible, I’ve been able to do some desktop publishing on my MacBook. In addition to editing some aerial images that I plan on having gaming mats made from, I finished up this set of basic cards for Too Fat Lardies’ WWII aerial combat game, Bag the Hun. Doubtful anyone will stumble on it, but I have made the PDF available here. BTH Cards

4Ground Hotel Complex

My Wife was nice enough to give me 4Ground’s Hotel Complex for Christmas, and I finally got around to finishing it up. It really is a grand piece that I’m hoping to use for multiple genres. There were a surplus of frames with the kits so I created some hotel signs and a “King in Yellow” marquee in Photoshop, and used a French advertising poster from Hudson and Allen to create some swappable signage. They stick to the buildings very well with poster putty. I’m now waiting on a replacement part from 4Ground for one of the skylights, and then I may detail the interiors somewhat.

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