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Pitching Some Tents

Quite some time ago I painted these tents from Renedra with the intent of using them in Pulp and 18th Century North American gaming. They’ve never seen a table, so I thought that if I mounted them maybe then I’d be more apt to use them as terrain pieces/objectives – we’ll see. I simply flocked some wooden discs and rectangles from the craft store for the bases. The campfires are from Renedra and I believe that the muskets are from Conquest Miniatures.

Renedra Tents

Metalled Roads

I made these quite a while ago, but neglected to post them. I picked up a pack of inexpensive roofing shingles, cut them with a utility knife, and flocked the edges. Like the dirt roads these ended up being very cost effective. I only used about half of the pack and made 30 pieces 3.75″ wide, totalling ~22′.

Family Assisted Terrain

Sunday the kids and I spent a little time polishing off a few terrain items. My daughter helped “plant” the vegetation in this garden piece:

Fenced Garden

and my son helped me flock these craft sticks to use as runners along my dirt roads.

Road Edging - 1

Road Edging - 2

Fleece Dirt Roads

To accompany my fleece grassland mat, I followed a similar procedure to create these dirt roads. I photoshopped a set of images from Wargame Vault and had them printed on a 50″ x 60″ fleece blanket using Walmart Photo. After cutting them out I ended up with 36 pieces 3.5″ wide, totalling ~ 24′. The downsides are the lack of texture and the white fleece showing on the sides, however I’m willing to put up with those small shortcomings for the cost effectiveness and the flexibility. They also look great in context with other terrain on the board.

Fleece Grassland Terrain Mat

Here are a few shots of my semi-new grassland terrain mat. I purchased an image from Wargame Vault, manipulated it in Photoshop, and then had it printed on a 60″ x 80″ fleece blanket using Walmart Photo. My wife then helped me trim it to 48″ x 72″. I’m really pleased with the results. It drapes well over Geohex to create hills and once other terrain pieces are on it, it looks pretty convincing.

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