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Another Pulpy Dump

Sounds like something that happens after eating pulled pork. Anyway, this should be the last one of these generic posts for the year as I have a “legitimate” project that I’ve started. Enjoy.


Back from Historicon

This weekend I attened Historicon, one of the annual east coast miniature wargaming conventions. I was able to play and observe a few games, catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in a while and, of course, shop. Here’s the bounty I came away with this year.

Flea Market

Some HorrorClix figures and Warlord’s Panzer IV, Puma and Humber Scout Car that I scored in the flea market.

CorSec Engineering

Omni-Ruler sections from CorSec Engineering, sold by Dave’s Baggage Train.

Iron Wind Metals

A bag of assorted creatures from Iron Wind Metals.

Novus Designs

An observation bunker and large supply dump/objective from Novus Designs, sold by Battlefield Terrain Concepts.


A Renault FT with extra turrets and some free coasters from Trenchworx.


Pulp German Stormtroopers and Chain of Command Markers from Eureka.

Pulp Figures

Pulp Figures’ Arresting Gestapo Troopers, Scouring Gestapo Guards, Arrogant Gestapo Officers and Stahl-Masks Doom Squad sold by the Hobby Bunker.


Artizan Designs’ SAS (Europe), Cadds Commandos II, Koschei’s Cossacks and Nacht Jager sold by Brigade Games.

Warlord Sd.Kfz. 250

Most of my WWII “28mm” vehicles are 1/48, but I do have a few 1/56 German and American vehicles laying around that I’ve decided to use for Weird War II/pulp games. This is an older Bolt Action Sd. Kfz. 250 that I brush painted in Ambush Camouflage. The markings are from Archer Fine Transfers and a Japanese mech model.

Warlord Sd. Kfz. 250

German Zombies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the undead. The armed fellas and the familiar face are from Reaper. The line troops are from the Modiphius Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter.

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