Armaments in Miniature 1/200 Junkers Ju 88s

We’re playing a Battle of Britain campaign at the store using Wings of Glory. I wrote it using a Check Your 6! scenario book as a guide, and I have included several aircraft that aren’t available in the WoG line; fortunately they are available in resin from Armaments in Miniature. I brush painted these using AK Interactive acrylics, the marking are from Scale Specialties and The Goblin Factory, and the bases are from the WoG Aerodrome.

Conquest Miniatures FIW Colonial Rangers

Adding to my long neglected FIW collection, I recently finished up a small 8 man unit of Colonial Rangers from Conquest Miniatures. These should come in handy for Muskets and Tomahawks as most of my fellow gamers seem to have chosen to paint French…

Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 2 – The Knights Who Say Ni!

Continuing on with my Monty Python themed SAGA army, I completed one point of Warriors in the form of The Knights Who Say Ni! These are from Sgt Major Miniatures, and are simply titled “The Knights”.

There has been a new development in the tournament since I started this project. We are now using 4 point warbands versus 6. I’m thinking that burning a point on a Priest won’t be the best strategy, so Tim the Enchanter may need to sit this one out. It looks like the tally is one point down, three to go.

The Knight Who Say Ni!

Bog/Swamp Terrain

I had a sheet of Heiki Moorland Tuftgrass with no real purpose, so I cut it half and then trimmed them into some “random” shapes (I had an art teacher in college that told me there was no such thing as randomness). I then affixed these to some precut masonite and added some flock. The “reeds” are some grass product purchased long ago that I glued to some 15mm round bases, making them removable.

Warlord 28mm French Char B1 Bis

I made a last minute change to my French list for this week’s Early War Bolt Action tournament, and decided to finish my Char B1 Bis. This was a very quick turnaround – about four hours not counting prep, priming and drying time. I brush painted it with Vallejo acrylics and weathered it with acrylic washes. The markings are from Warlord and I-94 Enterprises.

Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 1 – Tim the Enchanter

In late March my FLGS, Huzzah Hobbies, is holding a weeknight SAGA tournament. I’ve decided to participate by building a six point Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed Crusader army. The first completion is my take on Tim the Enchanter, which I plan on using as a priest. He’s Leisynn, Mercenary Mage from the Reaper Bones Collection. I really phoned in the paint job on him, but I’m a little concerned with the looming deadline. One point down, five to go.


28mm WWII Early War French

In a few weeks I’ll be participating in a 650 point weekday Bolt Action tournament at Huzzah Hobbies, my FLGS. The theme is Early War and as I’ll be running my French I dug them out for a few photos, including my newly completed Motorized Infantry squad. The regular infantry and cavalry are from Crusader, the MMG Team, Somua S35 and 75mm are from Warlord, the Panhard P178 is from Army Group North and the Motorized Troops are from Battle Honors.



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