Warlord 28mm German 7.5 cm LeIG 18 Infantry Gun

Continuing with my German support elements, here’s a Warlord LeIG 18 infantry gun. The gun model is superb, with nice detail and few mold lines. The crew figures left a little to be desired. They were poorly cast, and I’m not a fan of the fellow dragging the ammo crate as the pose seems a bit forced and unnatural. Overall though I am pleased with the piece, and hope that it will be a useful addition to my German forces.

Crusader 28mm German 7.5 cm Pak 40 AT Gun

As Tres and I have decided to play TFLs29, Let’s Go!” campaign for Chain of Command (excellent, by the way), I ended up taking a small detour from my Colonial America project to work on some of the German support elements. This Pak 40 is from Crusader with foliage from Silflor. The gun and crew were typical Crusader – well sculpted and cleanly cast.

North American Terrain – Part I

Because of my recent obsession with Studio Tomahawk’s Muskets and Tomahawks rules, I have decided to knuckle down and complete all of my Colonial America projects before moving on to something else. I’ve been moving/storing/reorganizing this stuff for years, so I’d like to put it to use.

I’ve started by doing a little touch-up work on existing terrain. Some of these pieces have appeared on this blog (and other failed ones) before, but I think that they’re worth a second look.

These Woodland Indian long houses are some pre-paints from Conquest Miniatures that I bought on consignment. I repainted the blanket doors, dry brushed the exteriors to lighten them, and dry brushed the mossy flock with a yellow-green.

These totems are from Grand Manner, and I bought these painted as well. I flocked the bases to better match the rest of my terrain.

The following three pieces are all from Architects of War; a pigsty, family plot, and garden plot. I did some minor touch-ups on the paint jobs on all three.

Renedra’s Ramshackle Barn received a removable roof, some new flocking on the base, and some green algea stains on the lower parts of the boards.

And finally I reworked Renedra’s pontoon bridge by creating “wakes” for the pontoons using Woodland Scenics Water Effects and did some additional dry brushing on the planks to add some color and wear.

Iron Painter Round 2 – It’s the End of the World as We know It – Update

I had a feeling that my concept for Round 2 was a bit ambitious, and I was correct. I ended up withdrawing from the competition in the middle of last week as I knew I would never finish. I will finish the piece at some point, I’m just not sure when.  I wish they ran the competition in the winter…

Iron Painter Round 2 – It’s the End of the World as We know It – WIP

Fortunately I made it thorough Round 1 of Wyrd’s Iron Painter competition. Unfortunately that means that I feel obligated to finish my Round 2 entry, which is due this Sunday at midnight. The theme for this round is “It’s the End of the World as We know It”. I decided to do a Big Lebowski/Lovecraftian mash-up, where Walter has “fucked with The Jesus” one too many times, and The Jesus decides to summon a Gug from The Dreamlands. All I have finished so far is the base, set on my interpretation of the bowling alley from the film. I fear that I won’t be able to finish, but I’ll give it the old Iron Painter try.

Fool’s Gold – Iron Painter Round 1 Entry

Annually Wyrd Miniatures hosts Iron Painter – a competition that pairs painters up head to head in a single elimination tournament. Entries are paired up randomly, a theme is chosen and the contestants have two weeks to post an image of their work. These are then scored by three judges using three categories; theme, technical skill, and aesthetic. Whomever scores highest in the pairing moves on to the next round, and the process starts again and continues until there is only one painter left standing.

I have entered twice in the past. Once I received a DNF (did not finish), and once I was eliminated in the first round for scoring poorly in the theme category. This year I decided to throw my hat in the ring again and, just in time, was able to finish my entry for Round 1. The theme was “Fool’s Gold” so I took the literal route and painted up a jester from Guild of Harmony. He’s mounted on a tiered cobblestone base insert, overlooking a treasure pile made with rhinestones and glitter that my wife grabbed at the craft store. The other entries can be seen in the Round 1 Gallery, and there’s some amazing creativity, brush work, sculpting and scratch building to be seen.

Fool's Gold

4Ground Horse Drawn Utility Cart

I’ve has this cart for quite some time, but I had “stained” it a dark brown with some thinned Vallejo Smoke and it was looking a bit sad. I repainted it with some acrylics and oil washes trying to achieve an old worn wood look. I’m not quite there with the techniques yet, but it looks way better than what it did before.


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