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Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 7 – King Arthur

The final, for now, piece of my Monty Python themed SAGA army is my Warlord, King Arthur. Arthur is from the Fireforge Games Teutonic Infantry plastics box, and Patsy is Reaper Miniatures Oswald the Overladen. Arthur has some facial hair made from Green Stuff, and the banner was printed on inkjet cotton paper – my new favorite medium. Again the tunic and shield logos are custom decals that I made from artwork found on the web, and I overpainted the shield with acrylics as the larger decal was somewhat pixelated.

As an aside, after fiddling with the Crusader board last week I have decided to run this army as Normans.

Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 6 – The Grail Knights

Here they are – the core of my force. The knights themselves are from  Fireforge Games Teutonic Infantry and the squires, or in this case “mounts”, are Reaper Miniatures Oswald the Overladen. Sir Lancelot is straight out of the box. Sir Galahad and Sir Robin have West Wind heads, and I added Sir Robin’s pornstache with Green Stuff. Sir Bedevere is also from the box set with a Green Stuff helmet plume that I added. All of the tunic and shield logos are custom decals that I made from artwork found on the web. I overpainted the shields with acrylics as the larger decals were somewhat pixelated.

I’m hoping that my opponents won’t mind if I run these as mounted Hearthguard. Four points down, and a Warlord to go.

Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 5 – The Knights of Camelot (with Crossbows)

Figuring I need some ranged weapons in my SAGA army, I used some more of  Fireforge Games Teutonic Infantry to create this unit of Warriors with crossbows. In trying to keep with my theme I painted their tunics in the style of the dancing knights seen in the Camelot cut scene (‘On second thought let’s not go there, tis a silly place.”). Three points down, one (and a Warlord) to go.

Monty Python - The Knights of Camelot

Monty Python Themed Saga Army Part 3 – The Black Knight(s) Always Triumph(s)

I made some more progress this week on my Monty Python themed SAGA army by completing one point of Hearthguard in the form of The Black Knight(s). These are conversions from the Fireforge Games Teutonic Infantry plastics. I recast the same helmet several times as there was only one in the box that was to my liking, and added some green stuff where his (their) limbs used to be. The boars on the tunics are custom decals that I printed from artwork found on the web.

The current tally is now two points down, two to go.

28mm Conquest Norman Infantry

These have been sitting on the worktable for quite some time, and frankly were getting in the way, so I finished them up as quickly as I could. Same old same old – Vallejo acrylics and some shield transfers from Conquest/Flags of War.

Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 2 – The Knights Who Say Ni!

Continuing on with my Monty Python themed SAGA army, I completed one point of Warriors in the form of The Knights Who Say Ni! These are from Sgt Major Miniatures, and are simply titled “The Knights”.

There has been a new development in the tournament since I started this project. We are now using 4 point warbands versus 6. I’m thinking that burning a point on a Priest won’t be the best strategy, so Tim the Enchanter may need to sit this one out. It looks like the tally is one point down, three to go.

The Knight Who Say Ni!

Monty Python Themed SAGA Army Part 1 – Tim the Enchanter

In late March my FLGS, Huzzah Hobbies, is holding a weeknight SAGA tournament. I’ve decided to participate by building a six point Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed Crusader army. The first completion is my take on Tim the Enchanter, which I plan on using as a priest. He’s Leisynn, Mercenary Mage from the Reaper Bones Collection. I really phoned in the paint job on him, but I’m a little concerned with the looming deadline. One point down, five to go.


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