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Bandai 1/48 Schwimmwagen – In Progress

I love the old Bandai 1/48 kits, however if you loose or are missing a part, you’re pretty much screwed. Case in point, the windshield for my Schwimmwagen was AWOL. My less than elegant solution was to create a folded, canvas covered windshield from styrene stock and Green Stuff. I’ll do some further shaping and sanding when it dries, and see how it paints up.

1-48 Schwimmwagen

Telephone Poles

Over the long weekend I threw together a set of ten telephone poles from Lionel. I embedded a rare earth magnet in one, and mounted some 1/48 Verlinden road signs on flexible magnetic steel so I have the option to interchange signage. The perched pigeon is from Pegasus Hobbies. For a project that I wasn’t initially vested in, I’m really pleased with the way these turned out.

Threshold Agents

Keeping in line with my painting ADD, here are some Artizan figures that I plan on using as Threshold Agents for Strange Aeons.

Threshold Agents

German Zombies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the undead. The armed fellas and the familiar face are from Reaper. The line troops are from the Modiphius Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter.


I stumbled on these while sorting through one of my (last) miscellaneous boxes. Some primer, a quick dry brushing, some flock and ta-da – some sort of rock outcrops.

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