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Threshold Agents

Keeping in line with my painting ADD, here are some Artizan figures that I plan on using as Threshold Agents for Strange Aeons.

Threshold Agents

German Zombies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the undead. The armed fellas and the familiar face are from Reaper. The line troops are from the Modiphius Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter.


Here are my cultists for Strange Aeons, etc. They’re from Artizan except for the high priest which is from Vesper-on. It’s a bit taller than the Artizan figs, however his features are proportional so I feel he works well.

Grenadier Deep Ones

As part of my (ongoing/never ending) Lovecraftian project I painted up some Grenadier Deep Ones. Nothing revolutionary here, but the sand on the bases is from Crane’s Beach in Massachusetts – as close as I could get to Innsmouth…


Strange Aeons Scene of Horror

Strange Aeons introduced Scenes of Horror in Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem Issue No. 1. They are CD sized terrain pieces, so I grabbed a CD and some pieces from the spare parts bin and came up with this.


Strange Aeons Grave Markers

Last week I finished up my Uncle Mike’s Worldwide Grave Markers for Strange Aeons. I also had a few unused armatures from Woodland Scenics that I painted and based as dead trees.

Grave Markers


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