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Conquest Miniatures FIW Colonial Rangers

Adding to my long neglected FIW collection, I recently finished up a small 8 man unit of Colonial Rangers from Conquest Miniatures. These should come in handy for Muskets and Tomahawks as most of my fellow gamers seem to have chosen to paint French…

Rail Fencing

My first completed project of 2015 is a carry over from 2014. These rail fences for my AWI and FIW games were built using some precut wooden (either balsa or basswood) sticks from the craft store. They were glued together with white glue, airbrushed dark brown, given a wash of Vallejo Sepia, dry brushed with Vallejo Yellow Ochre and then finished off with a dry brush of Vallejo Stone Grey.

Eureka FIW Provincials

Embarrassingly, these have literally been on and off the work bench for years. I was tired of looking at them in various stages of completion so decided to suck it up and finish them. They are my best attempt at representing the Pennsylvania Regiment.

Renedra Ramshackle Barn

This weekend I completed one of my Historicon purchases – Renedra’s Ramshackle Barn that I bought from Architects of War. The kit was an easy build and painted up well. I mounted it on a piece of tempered masonite that I then flocked. Overall a nice piece that I’m glad I picked up.


Historicon Purchases

I had a fairly successful day selling at the Flea Market on Thursday, so I rolled my loot into some new hardware.

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