Wagons Ho!

Well, carts really but I couldn’t think of any catchy cart reference.

While at Historicon I participated in an interesting game titled “My Fair Demon Barber of the Opera: A Musical Celebration of Victorian Horror” (side note – the quote referenced in the linked blog from the Sweeney Todd player was from yours truly). Brigade Games sponsored the event and was kind enough to give all the players a coupon for 10% off at their booth.

As part of my usual convention haul from Brigade, I picked up these cart kits from 4Ground. The second edition of Sharp Practice has a few carts that can be taken as support elements, and these fit the bill nicely.

Nothing revolutionary here. Some quick assembly, paint jobs and basing and they’re ready to go.


3 responses to “Wagons Ho!

  • Tichy

    That is the best sample of untreated, but aged wood I’ve seen in ages. How do you get the effect?

    Wish someone would make similar models in 6mm. Would be useful.


    • John Emmett

      Thanks much. The following are all Scale75 colors. I base coated them with Birch, then gave them a diluted wash of Intense Wood ink. They were then finish off by drybrushing Birch, Iroko and Brown Gray.

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      • Tichy

        Thanks! I have to try that out next time I need wood (which would incidentally be a small ship, a schooner or brig in 1:1200 scale).


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