Rubicon Sherman Build Part I – Unboxing

For my birthday John B. picked me up a Rubicon Models M4A3 Sherman and wanted my opinion of the kit, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to document and review the model as I built it.

The M4A3 comes packaged in a sturdy box with some attractive cover art on the front (although if I’m not mistaken, the chevrons on the tracks are reversed), and some historical details, side view art and image of the decal sheet on the back.

Rubicon Sherman Unboxing 1

Box Front

Rubicon Sherman Unboxing 2

Box Rear

Inside the box are three sprues containing the upper and lower hull, running gear, two turret options, three main armament options and, much to my delight, a Culin hedgerow cutter.

Rubicon Sherman Unboxing 3

The Sprues

Additionally there is a four page instruction booklet and a decal sheet that contains markings for the Sherman and their upcoming M3 halftrack kit. I suspect the same sheet will be used for the forthcoming Stuart release as well.

Rubicon Sherman Unboxing 4

Instructions and Decals

At first blush, the parts seem to be molded very well with minimal if any flash, the decals are vibrant yet thin, and the instructions appear to be clear and concise.

Coming up in Part II I’ll begin tackling the turret.

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