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VSF Minis

A few quick paint jobs for IHMN. Miniatures are from Eureka, Reaper, and Foundry.

Odds and Ends

A couple of quick, small terrain items here. A Sphinx that my friend got me for Christmas, a pigeon for IHMN, a scratch-built doomsday machine-bomb-flux capacitor-thingy, a burn barrel, and the Architects of War sign set.

Aquarium Terrain

I picked these up at our local PetSmart on sale in early January. For once, I decided to use my time wisely and I left them alone – no repainting, no flock, just straight off the shelf and (eventually) right to the gaming table. The photos have some 28mm Deep ones for scale.

Eureka FIW Provincials

Embarrassingly, these have literally been on and off the work bench for years. I was tired of looking at them in various stages of completion so decided to suck it up and finish them. They are my best attempt at representing the Pennsylvania Regiment.

Grand Manner Church

I finally finished my church from Grand Manner last week. Paint is mostly Vallejo Acrylics* and the stained glass is from Verlinden. It really is a wonderful piece, and can be configured with various height extensions and roofs for the tower. I used the tall spire for all the photographs.

*Partial credit for this work needs to be given to Master Class Terrain Painting, which I believe is now out of business. However, most of the piece was repainted and I feel that representing it as my work is justified.

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